Zhiqiang Zhang


Senior Software Engineer, Intel
2010.12.30 - 2016.6.29
Brillo, Ostro / IoT operating systems
Crosswalk / an HTML application runtime
Tizen / the OS of everything
MeeGo / mobile operating system
Multimedia Engineer, SiRF/CSR
2008.7.1 - 2010.12.29
SiRFprimaII / SoC Processor for Car Infotainment, Telematics and PND
SiRFprimaII video codec and post-processing regression testing.
M.S. in Signal and Information Processing
2005.9.1 - 2008.6.30
Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing
B.S. in Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument
2001.9.1 - 2005.6.30
Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin
SSG Group Recognition Award
Public release of Crosswalk for Intel RealSense
Q1 2016
Tizen 2.0 Release
Q1 2013
OTC Division Recognition Award
Launching the Ostro OS, an open source Linux distribution
targeting IoT smart devices
Q2 2016
Building web test leadership in W3C
through continuous submission, review, and reporting
Q1 2015
Delivering the web TCT 2.2.1 release to Tizen.org
Q4 2013
DSE Department Award
Crosswalk Project for Linux Deepin Release
Q1 2016
Web Platform Leadership at W3C TPAC
Q4 2015
SEO Department Award
Creating a Centralized Crosswalk Sample Application
Q3 2014
Delivering the Tizen Web TCT
Q2 2013