Tizen Web TCT

Zhiqiang Zhang (zqzhang), Intel


  • Tizen Compliance: what and why?
  • Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT)
  • Web TCT Tools
  • Web TCT Tests
  • Web TCT Release and Testing
  • Tips

Tizen Compliance: Why?

    Tizen Compliance Program

  • ensures devices and applications work correctly together
  • provides a validation mechanism, certification
  • benefits to application developers, device implementers, carries, end users

Tizen Compliance: What?

  • Tizen Compliance Specification (TCS)
  • Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT)
  • Tizen Compliance certification

Tizen Profile

A Tizen Profile describes the requirements for a category of Tizen devices that have a common application execution environment.

Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT)

    Tizen Compliance Tests (TCT)

  • verify conformance to the Tizen Compliance Specification (TCS)
  • consist of Web TCT and Native TCT
  • Web TCT is a set of tools and test suites to test the web requirements defined in TCS

Web TCT Workflow

Web TCT Architecture

Web TCT Projects

    Search "test/tct/web" at review.tizen.org

  • test/tct/web/behavior
  • test/tct/web/manager
  • test/tct/web/shell
  • test/tct/web/utilities
  • test/tct/web/webapi
  • test/tct/web/webuifw
  • test/tct/web/wrt

Web TCT Projects - More

Web TCT Projects - Branch

    Most projects has 4 branches:

  • master: for development or empty
  • tizen_2.2: for Tizen 2.2.1
  • tizen_2.3: for Tizen 2.3
  • tizen_3.0: for Tizen 3.0

Web TCT Tests

Tizen Web Device API Tests

  • tct-<spec>-tizen-tests
  • tct-namespace-tizen-tests
  • tct-privilege-tizen-tests

+-- alarm
    +-- support
        +-- UnitTest-AlarmTest1
+-- resources
+-- webrunner


  • tct-<spec>-css3-tests
  • tct-<spec>-html5-tests
  • tct-<spec>-w3c-tests

+-- 2dtransforms
    +-- csswg
+-- resources
+-- webrunner

Supplementary API Tests

  • tct-<spec>-nonw3c-tests

+-- resources
+-- webgl
    +-- khronos
        +-- resources
    +-- support
    +-- w3c
+-- webgl-py
    +-- khronos
+-- webrunner

Vehicle API Tests

  • webapi-vehicleinfo-ivi-tests

+-- resources
+-- vehicleinfo
    +-- support
+-- webrunner

Device Capability Features Tests

  • tct-capability-tests
  • tct-security-tcs-tests

+-- capability
    +-- support
+-- resources
+-- webrunner

Configure and Get Capability

  • tct-testconfig
  • tct-getcapabilities

Web TCT Behavior Tests

  • tct-behavior-tests

+-- css
    +-- images
+-- js
    +-- thirdparty
+-- res
    +-- css
    +-- font
    +-- images
    +-- js
    +-- media
+-- tests
    +-- 2D3DAnimation
    +-- Accelerometer
    +-- Alarm
    +-- ...

Test Framework and Runner

Tests from Upstream

Crosswalk Test Suite

Crosswalk Tests Used for Web TCT

  • behavior
  • doc
  • tools
  • webapi
  • wrt


  • Based on Crosswalk web runtime rather than Tizen legacy runtime. tools/crosswalk/
  • Centralized resources, e.g. testharness.js, webrunner, tests.xml xsl. tools/resources/
  • Python based packaging and (un)installing scripts, toots/build/, with suite.json support.
  • More tools, e.g. tools/coverage/, tools/xmlsimplifier/, etc.
  • Markdown based documentation rather than PDF.
  • More web APIs supported with webapi/webapi-* suites.

Web Test Development

    Role and Responsibility

  • Owner: be accountable for test development and quality, review submission from any contributor, and own bug fixings.
  • Contributor: can submit tests/patches for any code which will be reviewed and merged by project owner.

Web Test Development

Web Test Development

Commit Message

Capitalized, short (50 chars or less) summary

More detailed explanatory text, if necessary.  Wrap it to about 72
characters or so.  In some contexts, the first line is treated as the
subject of an email and the rest of the text as the body.  The blank
line separating the summary from the body is critical (unless you omit
the body entirely); tools like rebase can get confused if you run the
two together.

Impacted tests: new 0, update 5, delete 0
Unit test platform: Tizen Wearable <version>
Unit test result summary: pass 205, fail 0, block 0

See details at my post why commit message is so important.

Web TCT Build and Release