Crosswalk Weekly 2

Crosswalk Weekly is a summary of activity on the Crosswalk Community from QA perspective, to get inputs to improve crosswalk-test-suite test coverage and approach.

Pull Requests from outside of Web QA Team

Gladly, there are several pull requests contributed from outside of Web QA Team, for example, from,,

Great the Crosswalk Community! Awesome the open source!

Pull Request JIRA Ticket Author Corporation Description
PR#420 XWALK-2090 @clecou Corentin Lecouvey implements Tizen IVI Bluetooth at XWALK-1065. This pull request is trying to update the test case to adapt for Crosswalk implemention. It is accepted after Samsung evaluates the change on Tizen 2.x targets.
PR#515 XWALK-1993 @sirflo Florian Landerl contributes his WebAudio crashing sample to reproduce the bug report. This sample demonstrates that Chrome on Android currently has a problem with WebAudio. When repeatedly navigating to webpages with audio playback using WebAudio the browser tab crashes. In his Crosswalk application the whole app crashes. This sample is wrapped as a test case at misc/xwalk-system-tests/tests/WebAudio.
PR#544 XWALK-2073 @yejingfu Yejing Fu from Crosswalk dev team fixes a Bookmark test case bug. The current logic of remove() is wrong which is trying to remove a new bookmark object. Instead, remove() should remove an existing bookmark which must be already added.
PR#552 XWALK-2202 @tiwanek Tomasz Iwanek fixes failing multicolumn TCT tests because these tests are incompatible with the multicolumn w3c spec. He also analyzes the test issue at the bug report as: (1) tests are using invalid ‘columnRuleWidth’ css attrtibute instead of ‘column-rule-width’; (2) tests make assumption about ‘column-width’ css attribute value.
PR#553 XWALK-2194 @jizydorczyk This pull request is trying to fix 2 ApplicationControl tests to reflect Blink implementation rather than WebKit implementation of the default onerror callback (null in WebKit but undefined in Blink) in tizen.application.launchAppControl(). I accept it with comment added into the changed files to show this is fixing for Crosswalk only (not TCT).
PR#554 XWALK-2203 @jizydorczyk This pull request is trying to change Indexed DB attribute name from multientry to multiEntry to reflect latest W3C standard. I accept this pull request after 2 related test files update, because they also use this attribute: (1) tct-indexeddb-w3c-tests/indexeddb/IDBIndex_name_exist.html and (2) tct-indexeddb-w3c-tests/indexeddb/IDBIndex_objectStore_exists.html
PR#555   @jizydorczyk The author wants to replace location.hostname with in WebSocket tests. After @haoxli verifies this change as PASS, I accept it.
PR#556 XWALK-2205 @tiwanek Tomasz Iwanek says in this pull request that “tests are incompatible with the XMLHTTPRequest spec. In current implementation send() may be called after abort(); this causes tests to fail”. I suggest him submit the changes to W3C testing community directly while ask @JianfengXu or @haoxli to verify it. After the author sync with the latest W3C test cases, I accept it.
PR#557   @tiwanek Tomasz Iwanek states that according to W3C specification the HTMLMediaElement.startTime has been removed from the HTMLMediaElement. Thus the test which tests startTime is useless. I accept it because Blink removed HTMLMediaElement.startTime at
PR#575 XWALK-2208 @tiwanek Tomasz Iwanek states that the tests call WebSocket.close() and expect to get an onmessage event after the call and before the connection is closed. This can not happen according to the WebSocket spec.
PR#588 XWALK-2213 @tiwanek Tomasz Iwanek states that (1) the basefont tag is obsolete and it’s not supported in modern browsers. Support for this tag has been removed in Chromium at April 2013. (2) for month9, the browser behaviour is correct according to W3C specification, “If the value of the element is not a valid month string, then set it to the empty string instead.” I suggest him submit the changes to W3C web-platform-tests firstly.
PR#616 XWALK-2227 @jizydorczyk jizydorczyk states that the following test cases from tct-extra-html5-tests/base64 fail, base64_atob_ab_cd, ase64_atob_abcd_space and base64_atob_space_abcd because Chromium implements the newest standard of base64 feature but the test has not been updated yet. So (s)he applies latest changes of base64.html from However, because this fixing has changed the test case numbers, tests.xml should be updated too.
PR#728   @legendlee1314 Guanxin Li from Crosswalk dev team fixes a Device Capabilites test case bug. The test is to check StorageUnit.capacity but asserts
PR#742   @clecou This test case aims to verify that isConnected attribute is readonly. But the test considers that after bonding a remove device, this device is also connected. Actually this is not obviously the case, and sometime the device is paired but not connected, and the test is failed because of this. He suggests that change the expected device connected ‘true’ value to the real connected value and just check if it is a readonly attribute.
PR#747   @legendlee1314 Spec bugs: StorageUnit and DisplayUnit are type name. The attribute name should be storage and display.