Crosswalk Weekly 6

Here only list what to be done by Zhiqiang during Crosswalk milestone 9 development.

Crosswalk 9 Features

See the current milestone features filter and watch the features so that you can receive update notification via emails.

JIRA Ticket Feature Description More Info Action
XWALK-443 [Tizen] Package API tizen-extensions-crosswalk/pull/352 Liu Xin to review/create use-case tests
XWALK-826 [Tizen] W3C Speech API speech-api spec Xie Yunxiao to review/create use-case tests
XWALK-865 [Tizen] Vehicle Signals API vehicle info spec Liu Xin to review/create use-case tests
XWALK-1070 [Tizen][IVI] Download API tizen-extensions-crosswalk/pull/352 Liu Xin to review/create use-case tests
XWALK-1106 [Tizen][IVI] SpeechSynthesis API speech-api spec Xie Yunxiao to eview/create use-case tests
XWALK-2310 Support H.264 in WebRTC Patch for Google Chrome Liu Xin to review/create use-case tests at XWALK-2326
XWALK-2431 Rebase to Chromium 38 See Chromium 38 Features next. Verify the feature with upstream tests

Zhiqiang is also watching below features for HW video decoding and audio policy integration.

JIRA Ticket Feature Description More Info Action
XWALK-1436 Enable hardware acceleration video decoding for WebRTC in Tizen IVI This feature depends on (1) upstream VP9 HW decoding work and (2) IVI HW driver Make sure WebRTC is working
XWALK-1668 Policy integration for web applications (audio tag) Will be tested with the Tizen IVI Media Player app  
XWALK-1669 Policy integration for WebAudio API    
XWALK-1670 Policy integration for WebRTC API    

Chromium 38 Features

See Chromium Web Platform Features for details.

Feature Description Implementation Status Specification Upstream Test
<picture> Element Enable a responsive images solution by declaring multiple resources for an image using CSS media queries. Enabled by default picture element, responsive-images-done-right-guide-picture-srcset, srcset-sizes Samples picturefill, picture-element
any-pointer and any-hover Media Queries Media queries for determining capabilities of a UA’s pointer devices Enabled by default Blink tests for CSS4 media query pointer and hover features
File constructor A programmatic method of constructing File objects, very similar to how Blob objects are built. Enabled by default W3C tests for file constructor
JS iterators (i.e. the for-of feature) (ES6) Iterates over iterable objects (including arrays, array-like objects, iterators and generators), invoking a custom iteration hook with statements to be executed for the value of each distinct property. Enabled by default  
Map (ES6) Map objects are simple key/value maps. Enabled by default  
Math functions (ES6) Math related functions - sign, trunc, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, log10, log2, hypot, fround, clz32, cbrt, log1p, expm1 (as Math.sign(...), Math.trunc(...) and so on). Enabled by default  
Navigation Transitions Allows web authors to both improve the perceived loading speed as well as provide visual polish by allowing two pages to coordinate on a transition animation (regardless of their origin). Behind a flag Editor’s draft No need testing at current being
Screen Orientation API Gives ability to read the screen orientation and lock it. Enabled by default Blink Layout Tests
Set (ES6) Set objects let you store unique values of any type, whether primitive values or object references. Enabled by default  
Symbols (ES6) Allows properties to be added to existing objects without the possibility of interference with the existing properties, unintended visibility, or with other uncoordinated additions by any other code. Enabled by default  
Unscopables (ES6) Unscopables allows properties to be hidden to with statement lookup rules. This is important for adding new properties to existing objects both in JavaScript and in DOM. Enabled by default  
image-rendering: pixelated image-rendering: pixelated indicates that image should be scaled “so that the image appears to be simply composed of very large pixels”, e.g. using nearest-neighbour. Enabled by default Samples and Blink tests pixelated-

Test Case Tasks

JIRA Ticket Task Description More Info Action
XWALK-2322 [community][webapi] Create use-case test checking hide/recover several time XWALK-2199 tizen.application.getCurrentApplication().hide() works once Create use-case tests
XWALK-2326 [community][webapi] Add test case for H.264 support of WebRTC Depends on XWALK-2310 Liu Xin to create use-case or system tests
XWALK-2331 [community][webapi] Add test case for media source API test pause Based on XWALK-2231 Create use-case or system tests
XWALK-2367 height=device-height viewport is overllaped by device buttons on tabblet <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,minimum-scale=1,user-scalable=no,height=device-height,minimal-ui"> Create a test case
XWALK-2368 [webapi] BlobBuilder is deprecated BlobBuilder should not be supported; Don’t Build Blobs, Construct Them Xie Yunxiao to revise related test cases
XWALK-2372 [webapi] Update sreen orientation tests to reflect Chromium 38 implementation spec difference; implementation status; and layout tests Liu Xin to revise related test cases

Test Upstream to W3C

  1. Create test cases for Vibration to cover the TODO list
  2. Review reference files submitted to csswg-test repo
  3. Review test cases for IndexedDB
  4. Review test cases for Server Sent Event
  5. Regenerate test results after the above and report to working groups