W3C Workshop on the Web of Things

Web of Things (WoT) 在 Internet of Things (IoT) 炒热之后悄然升温; WWW 的缔造者 W3C 当然要做些事情呢,不容落后。所以咱们有幸看到这个 WoT 专题研讨会。


Scripting in the Web of Things, Andreas Harth (KIT) and Ricardo Morin (Intel)

Andreas: The Web of Things will consist of many components that provide access to individual sensors and actuators. The topic of the breakout session is scripting languages for combining such atomic components to provide elaborate functionality.

Ricardo: The WoT will benefit greatly from defining a common application execution engine standard, utilizing Web programming languages such as ECMAScript, and a set of standardized APIs. A good example of this kind of runtime is the Node.js framework , which has already being proposed for supporting WoT applications. The work in this area may include defining standard profiles to cover APIs for various device categories (e.g., bare sensors, constrained microcontrollers, edge gateways, anchor devices). The application runtime will also need to define a standardized security model as well as user interaction approaches for constrained devices (e.g., control panels, dashboards). In this area, there seems to be a high synergy potential with the Web Applications (WebApps) Working Group that should be pursued. Due to the close synergy with browser technology, it seems very appropriate for W3C to address the need for standardization in this area.

  • There was general agreement that standardization of a WoT Runtime is highly desirable
  • This session recommends starting a W3C activity or working group to tackle this task
  • This session recommends inviting several companies with partial or full implementations and/or high level of interest to participate in the activity or working group