Web Weekly 12

Note: renamed the Crosswalk Weekly news letter to Web Weekly from this time because my job scope has been extended in all web platform technologies for these projects:

Thus the weekly news letter will cover all of them related.

Crosswalk Project Extensions for RealSense is avaiable

IntelĀ® RealSenseā„¢ technology redefines how we interact with our devices for a more natural, intuitive and immersive experience. By introducing 3D cameras with depth information combined with regular RGB data, new use cases are possible such as augmented reality, hand/face recognition, object tracking, and more. The Crosswalk Project Extensions for RealSense now brings these amazing capabilities to web developers.

Our first public release (part of Crosswalk v18.6.0) includes the following:

Developers can create 3D-aware web applications that can be run on any Windows tablet with a built-in R200 camera, such as the HP Spectre x2, or a Windows PC with peripheral R200 camera.


Ostro Project is open

The Ostro Project is an open source developed, Linux*-based operating system tailored for IoT smart devices, and built with security in mind. Never again will you need to force-fit a general Linux OS to suit your IoT device, or write your own OS. The Ostro OS is simple for existing Linux users to adopt and it conveniently provides an application framework which supports multiple developer languages. It is out-of-the-box ready to be installed and has powerful features which easily support IoT device development.

Ostro Project provides simplified access to complicated IoT required constructs including pre-configured and validated sensor support; various level of security mechanisms; and communications and interconnectivity protocols such as Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) via built-in IoTivity support. Finally, Ostro OS is both expandable and customizable. The base OS image can be used as-is or configured without recompiling for faster development.