Leaving Intel

After 5.5 years in the Intel Open Source Technology Center, I have decided to move to another company. My last day at Intel is Wednesday, June 29.

I’ll still be a committer and reviewer for the W3C web-platform-tests and csswg-test. I’ll stay on as test facilitator for Indexed Database API and most specifications published by the Device and Sensors Working Group. I hope to contribute technical efforts to Web Media specifications and code stack, and to keep update on Web Payment, Performance and Security. Please drop me (@zqzhang) a note if you want me to take a look at your pull request or issue.

Many people have helped me with my job at Intel. I would like to thank my manager, Ling Yu, for her supporting of making test contributions to W3C and Khronos, and for leading the team to make test suites and tools for the Tizen OS and Crosswalk Project. I was impressed by her management skills and comprehensive formal QA status reports.

Thanks to the great Web QA team, we open sourced Web Tizen Compliance Tests 2.2.1 in tizen.org which was a basis of following versions of TCT; and Crosswalk Test Suite which has been used by Crosswalk Project, crosswalk web testing service and demo express.

Special thanks to Tina Zhao for making travel reports, monthly status and testing reports. I really enjoyed the business travelling with her. Yes I owe her a cup of coffee for silently referencing her style and words of monthly status report and testing reports. Maybe I can make an Intel recognition.

Special thanks to Fan Zhao for recruiting me as MeeGo multimedia domain QA which balanced my work and life, and for revising my annual performance review document which was used as a basis for the following years. I was impressed by her well preparation for the meeting with Andy Wilson for media license consulting.

Special thanks to Yugang Fan, Zhigang Li, Shuang Wan and Belem Zhang for enjoying lunch hour together for years. Without these guys, Intel may be not a great place to work for me!

I learned a lot from coworkers, especially from Anssi Kostiainen for his expertise in web standards; from Wayne Carr for working as Intel’s W3C Advisory Committee representative; from Ningxin Hu for his quickly proof of concept for enabling RealSense related technologies on Crosswalk Project and Internet of Things.

If you’d like to stay in touch, please connect with me on LinkedIn. My personal cell phone and WeChat number share 180-0191-0689.

See you at next corner.